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Travel Vaccination Clinic Cork

Travel Vaccination Clinic Cork

Travel Vaccination Clinic Cork

Express Medical offers convenient and affordable travel vaccinations in Cork and medications for when you are planning that big trip. You must book in advance for travel vaccines, please call us on +353 21 4360100.


  • Vaccination Scheduling

    It is important to remember that some vaccinations require a ‘schedule’ which means that you will need more than one vaccination over a period of time before you go away.

  • Vaccination Timing

    Don’t leave your vaccines to the last minute! Ideally you should aim to start getting your vaccinations 6 months before a big trip. However, 6 weeks is usually sufficient for most people for most trips. If you have left it even later than this please do still get in touch and we can give some of the vaccinations much closer to your departure date.

  • Malaria

    We can discuss your risk of acquiring Malaria depending on where you are going and if needed we can prescribe prophylaxis. Again remember not to leave this to the last minute as you need to take some of the medication before you leave Ireland.

  • No HIDDEN fees and charges

    Standard consultation + (Hepatitis A/ Typhoid/ Tetanus;Dip;Pol) + Prophylaxis prescription = €150

At an absolute minimum, we recommend all travelers to have Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus.

Other destinations may require immunisations for things like Yellow Fever €40, Rabies €65 each (a course of 3 is needed) and Hepatitis B €35 each (a course of 3 is needed).

Travel Clinic Price List

Travel Vaccines are an important consideration before you go on holiday. Having the correct immunisation will prevent you from ruining your trip with illness or even worse. We now have evening and weekend clinics in our convenient Douglas location. No more excuses.

Consultation€35 (€15 for subsequent consultations for course of injections)
Hep A€40
Hep B€35
Yellow Fever€40

If you are unsure please don’t be afraid to give us call.

021 4360100


Express Medical was set up by Dr Louise Geary to provide a friendly, convenient and affordable medical practice. The services are run by skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

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