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Express Surgical Clinic Cork

Express Surgical Clinic Cork

Our Doctor

Dr Vlad Nutu is an active member of the Primary Care Surgical Association and performs the Minor Surgery for the practice. He performed more than 1000 procedures last year. This level of specialisation and experience makes Dr Vlad one of the most experienced Primary Care Surgeons in the country and ensures a low complication rate.

Patients have to be seen by one of the Doctors first and, if suitable, they will be referred to the Minor Surgery clinic. No need for GP referral.  A wide range of operations are performed as painless as possible and with emphasis on patient’s comfort under local anaesthetic and conscious sedation with Entonox. The length of time the procedure will take is dependent on the condition being treated and can range from 10 minutes to a half-hour or more. Your doctor will also advise if more visits are required to treat your condition. At our Express Surgical Clinic, we have a fully equipped operating area where we aim to provide a rapid access, local service with minimum


  • Before your operation

    The administration team will also confirm the appointment by text message 24 hours prior to the procedure so telephone contact details are confirmed accurately. 

      Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the expected time of your surgery in order to assist with the smooth running of the clinic.

        Please have a shower or bath before coming to your appointment.

        You can have your meals as normal beforehand, although a light lunch may be more comfortable for you than a large meal.

        It is usually best to arrange for somebody else to bring you to your appointment and take you home afterwards. Although it’s unlikely to be a problem, we would not advise travelling unaccompanied by public transport in case you feel unwell afterwards.

        It helps to wear loose-fitting clothing. You will not be required to strip off completely and we usually only need to expose the affected part.

        We pride ourselves on making the procedure as pain-free as possible. You will be awake throughout the procedure and conscious sedation is available and included in the price. The operation will be conducted under local anaesthetic. That is to say, you will be given an injection with a very fine needle to make the area go numb. You will feel a mild discomfort for a few seconds as the anaesthetic is administered. Thereafter, you will feel no pain at all and the Entonox gas will help outcome any pains, fears or anxieties you or your child might have.

        Apart from a parent accompanying a young child, we are not able to accommodate companions in the minor surgery room but they are welcome to sit in the waiting room whilst you are having your operation.

    If you have an ingrown toenail treated please bring flip flops or other open-type shoes to ensure comfort after the procedure.

  • What to expect before you arrive for your minor surgery 

    It is very important that you arrive on time, because any delays will transfer on to following patients.

    Before your surgery, Dr Vlad will explain exactly what procedure is being done and why. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure being performed and/or any alternative treatments – including what would result if you decided not to have surgery. Provided you are happy, you will then be asked to sign a consent form.

    We would like to emphasise that any procedures involving cutting the skin will result in a scar. Although this sounds very obvious, we frequently see patients who are surprised to hear that they will be left with a scar after cutting out a skin lesion and that sometimes the scar may be more obvious that the original lesion.

    If a lesion has been cut out (e.g. a mole) it will be sent for “Histology”. This is routine for all cases and does not necessarily mean that we suspect malignancy. “Histology” means that the sample will go to the hospital, where an expert will look at it under the microscope and provide a definite diagnosis.

    Any unexpected pathology (malignancy, premalignancy) that requires further actionable treatment, the patient will be advise to return to the clinic, free of charge, for a discussion and will be directed to the appropriate consultant and a letter dictated to the family doctor.

    A free of charge follow up dressing clinic appointment is routinely arranged for patients undergoing ingrown toenail surgery in 48h.

    Patients can return to have the stitches or clips removed free of charge as per the written doctor’s instructions.

  • Family Physician letter

    Each patient’s family physician will be sent a letter detailing the nature of the treatment, expected date for suture removal (if needed), and a copy of the histology report when available.

  • Minor surgical procedures

    Here are some examples of the types of surgical procedures that we carry out at Express Surgery Clinic.


    • Skin biopsies
    • Pigmented and non pigmented skin lesions dermoscopic assessment and removal
    • Cyst removals
    • Lipomas removals
    • Fibroepithelial growths removals
    • Ingrown Toenail treatment
    • Steroid joint injections
    • Keloid treatment
    • Aspiration of abscess or cysts
    • Suture repair of wounds


    Please note this list is not exhaustive.

  • Audit

We regularly review and audit our Minor Surgery. We do this to quality check our results and to help identify any potential problems.


Ingrown toe nail treatment


Mole assessment and removal


Cyst removal


Cryosurgery skin tags/Solar keratosis


Musculoskeletal injections


Enucleation of lipoma


Total nail removal


Incision & Drainage of abscess

€150 per session

Wound closures


Removal of imbedded earring/s

€150 or €200 for two

   25% Discount on all procedures for Students

 For more information call 021 4360100 or come in for a Pre-assessment at Express Medical. All patients are welcome.

If you are unsure please don’t be afraid to give us call.

021 4360100


Express Medical was set up by Dr Louise Geary to provide a friendly, convenient and affordable medical practice. The services are run by skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

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