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Reasons to do a Chemical Peel treatment

Keeping the skin always soft, free of the problems caused by age, without pimples, marks of expression, certainly is the dream of most women, women who care to always remain beautiful. With the advancement of medicine, new aesthetic procedures arise that promise to keep the appearance always young, eliminating spots and wrinkles, is the case of Chemical Peel, its a treatment done through exfoliations or applications of chemical substances able to correct marks, small wrinkles, and spots, rejuvenating the skin.

Chemical Peel is still indicated in the treatment of oily skin, as it reduces oiliness, reduces scars caused by acne, lightens freckles, sun spots and age spots, disguises the appearance of stretch marks, eliminates fine wrinkles and expression marks, improving considerably the texture and appearance of the skin. The best time to do the procedure is during the winter, since the treatment consists of the removal of a superficial layer of skin, which through cells with reproductive capacity soon regenerate, the skin thus receives a new aspect, as this procedure leaves the Extremely sensitive face skin, one should not take sun, so winter is considered the best season due to poorly lit days which becomes ideal for skin recovery.

Before going out there showing of a younger face you need attention, especially health, because there are several types and intensities of the Chemical Peel, to know if your skin is prepared for this treatment, what better procedure applies to you and what care should be taken before and after each session, be aware of some factors: Regarding the type of treatment there are: Chemical peel – made through applications of acids.

Physical peeling that does not use any chemical process but rather exfoliation techniques that can be done by MICRODERMABRASION, popularly known as crystal peeling, which is an exfoliation done on the skin with microcrystals of aluminum oxide, reducing small wrinkles and stains, greatly improving skin texture. Another technique used for the physical peeling is by DERMABRASION made with the use of high turnover sutures capable of removing scars and even tattoos.

Laser Peel, this treatment should be avoided by women with brown skin, as their spots take a little longer to disappear, it is a uniform “burn” on the skin capable of optimal results. The Peel is still defined by the intensity that can be superficial, medium or deep, but only the doctor can indicate the degree of intensity, since there are some factors that must be considered as age, a current texture of the skin, among others. The Peel is not done overnight, it is necessary to prepare the skin for acceleration of the renewal, so two or three weeks before starting the peel sessions, dermatologists indicate the use of creams based on retinoic acid, glycolic acid, hydroquinone and vitamin C, during this time the doctor will notice probable allergic reactions or irritations in relation to the products.

It is important to emphasize that in order to achieve the desired goals it is of the utmost importance that the patient follow correctly the guidelines passed by the doctor after the peel sessions should avoid sun for at least two months and during that period use sunscreen factor 30 or more daily , reapplying it several times a day, including in the cloudy ones and staying indoors. As the skin becomes sensitive and there is a slight peel the care with regard to the makeup must be redoubled, since some products can cause irritations. Never pull on the casquinhas because they can cause scars and do not use any exfoliating products.

Creams and ointments only recommended by your doctor, do not depilate the treated area for at least 10 days after the peel, avoid oral antiseptics and fluoride toothpaste, the sensitivity of the region around the mouth, fleeing salicylic acid-based lotions and creams based on acids or vitamin K. Do not take hot baths and very time consuming. Although the negative reactions caused by the peel are rare, it is recommended to do all and any aesthetic procedure in specialized clinics, with experienced and reputable professionals, the deep peel treatment should be performed in hospitals in order to avoid unnecessary risks.


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