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Botox and Benefits for Depression

Research presented recently pointed out that the famous botulinum toxin offers benefits that go well beyond the appearance of the skin.According to the studies, the active works as a true antidepressant when applied in the glabellar region of the face – the one between the eyebrows. After receiving the applications of the toxin type A and being evaluated in a period of six months, thirty patients with the symptoms of the disease showed a significant improvement of mood even after the cosmetic effects disappear and the wrinkles return to the face.

Although there is no consensus on how the antidepressant effects manifest in the body from the application of the compound in the facial muscle, there is a theory with which researchers try to explain the process. The hypothesis is based on studies of brain magnetic resonance, where they argue that lack of muscle contraction of the glabellar nerve (used to demonstrate expressions of nervousness, anxiety, worry or fear) causing the reduction of sensory stimuli in facial nerves decreasing then the arrival of information about fear and anxiety to the brain. This is due to the relaxation of the facial muscles that slightly limits cerebral blood flow, causing a similar effect to relaxation techniques such as Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan.

However, if new studies replicate the findings, it may represent a paradigm shift in how to deal with the problem


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