Going <span>Abroad ?</span>

Going Abroad ?

Get your travel vaccinations

Need to see a doctor <span>today ?</span>

Need to see a doctor today ?

Walk-in clinic. no appointment needed

  • Travel Vaccination

    Convenient travel vaccine clinics.

    Appointment only and not available as walk-in service.

  • Express Medical

    See a doctor quickly and easily for just €40.

  • Preventive Clinic

    Because prevention is always better than a cure.

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    We offer other services also.

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    Affordable procedures by skilled professionals.


About Express Medical

Express Medical was set up by Dr Louise Geary to provide a friendly, convenient and affordable medical practice. The services are run by skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

After working for many in years in the USA where walk-in or urgent care clinics are the norm she realised that this was something missing in the Irish healthcare system.

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Medical Express Blog

  • Sore throat- do I need antibiotics?


    Sore throat- do I need antibiotics?

    In most cases sore throats are caused by viral infections which unfortunately do not respond to antibiotics. Only 10% of sore throats are caused by Strep (which is a bacteria that responds well to antibiotic treatment). It is often difficult to tell the difference between Strep and viral infections as even some viral infections get […]

  • All about Travel Vaccines


    All about Travel Vaccines

    Why bother with Travel Vaccinations? I get asked this frequently. ‘Why do I need travel vaccinations- I am only going away for a week?’ The length of travel really has nothing to do with whether or not you need vaccinations. It only takes one insect bite or some poor hygiene in a restaurant to make […]

  • How often should you have a smear?


    How often should you have a smear?

    Q: How often should you have a smear? Can you have a smear when pregnant? When in your cycle should you have smear? A: First of all, I just want to make sure you know what a smear is as I’ve had quite a few patients who were unsure what a smear actually does. A […]